This unit machine is special design for packaging liquid& sauces product into plastic bag .The machine have the function of automatic bag forming, Liquid product measuring and filling .With optional function of exhausting the air inside the bag and then sealing the bag .The machine also have color ribbon for date printer for coding of expiry date and production date.Widely use for packaging different liquid and paste product.

1, ZL520 vertical bag forming filling sealing Packaging machine

The whole machine made by Stainless Steel 304. This machine equipped with bag-making, cutting, code printing, etc. Siemens PLC and Touch Screen,Panasonic servo motor, Japanese Photo Sensor , Korean Air valve, etc. .The film pulling system adopted servo motor driving making speed faster.


Технически параметри:

Weighing Range: 1000-2000g

Packaging Speed: 20-40 bags/min

Bag size: (80-360)*(100-250) mm (L*W)

Compressed air requirement: 0.6Mpa 0.65m³/min

Reel outer diameter: 400mm

Core inner diameter: 75mm

Machine weight: 800kg

Power source: 5.5kW 380V±10% 50Hz

Main Features and Characteristics:

A wide range of pouches:  Pillow and Gusset pouches.

High speed: 20-50 bags/min

Easy to operate: PLC controller and color touch-screen, fault indication on the touch screen.

Лесно се регулира: само около 10 минути за смяна на различни торбички.

Честотен контрол: скоростта може да се регулира чрез преобразуване на честотата в диапазона.

Висока автоматизация: безпилотен в процеса на претегляне и опаковане, алармата на машината се включва автоматично при повреда.

Safety and Hygiene:

No film, machine will alarm.

Алармата на машината се спира и спира при недостатъчно въздушно налягане.

Предпазните защити с аварийни превключватели, алармата на машината и спирането при отваряне на предпазните устройства.

Хигиенична конструкция, частите за контакт на продукта са приети sus304 неръждаема стомана.

Bag type 

2,ZLB100 Piston pump with hopper


Standard with Airtac Piston.

All piston filler made from S/S 304 grade stainless steel and aluminum conforms to GMP.

Suit for Viscous Liquid Model with stainless steel product hopper

Operated by foot pedal switcher or matching with full automatic packaging machine

With Anti-leaking system

Quick release nozzle and feed pipe

Technical parameter :

Filling range: 50-500 ML

Power supply: 220V 50HZ

Total power Power: 1650W

Heating power:1500W

Temperature range:20-90℃

Weight: 55kg

Hopper capacity: 30L

Air pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa

Working mode: need to be equipped with a power supply and air compressor

Machine material: case 201 stainless steel, material contact part is 304 stainless steel

Точност на пълнене: ± 1%

Filling efficiency: 0-25 bottles /H

Packing size:96*36*36cm (machine) +    60*54*81cm(hopper)