Automatic Doypack Premade Bag Screw Filling and Packaging Machine


It can be used to pack powder product into pre-formed bag like doy bag ,zipper bag and four side sealing bag


  1. Versatility strong, one machine can be realized powder, liquid, granules, paste different types of packaging materials, avoid dismantle the filling Device.
  2. Mainframe Frequency Conversion System: Imported AC motor and frequency conversion, stable and reliable operation; low speed and large torque ensure excellent performance even under sharp fluctuations of load.
  3. Servo Blanking System: Panasonic servo motor controls rotation of blanking bolt directly by pulse number; stable and reliable performance,convenience of regulation.

4.Package Making System: The package making and sealing and filling systems are independent to each other in this system. The two systems are linked and coordinated by mechanical coupling and programmable logic controller (PLC). Therefore, the system is suitable for a variety of products and sizes of package.

5.Finished Product Sealing System: Fully automatic production facility that finishes package making,metering, filling, sealing and other packaging processes by heat-sealing packaging material (polyethylene membrane, multilayer composite membrane etc.). The package shall be three-side or four-side sealed flat package. Fillers of different types may package a variety of products.

6 .Integrated Control System: It is composed of PLC, frequency converter etc., featuring a high level of integration, strong control capabilities and high reliability of operation. Touch screen technology eases and facilities operation. The optoelectric transducer,encoder, proximity switch etc. are all equipped with imported and advanced sensing elements, so the mechanical and electrical integration of the entire frame is embodied perfectly.

g range50-1000g
measuring methodAuger filler /piston pump filler
bag sizelength 80-300 mm width80-200mm
Control stylePLC+ English touch screen
Power supplyAC 380/220V 50Hz
Air pressure0.6Mpa
Форма на чантатаThree or four side sealing